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What Is Concrete Sealing?

If you love the natural look of your concrete floors, but they have started showing signs of wear and tear, there is a low cost way of protecting and preserving their beauty and durability.

As the name suggests concrete sealing is applying a protective concrete sealer on top of your concrete slab. The concrete sealer is designed to enhance the properties of the concrete, while protecting it from damage, abrasion, staining and water.

At Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville, use high performance polyaspartic top coats that have a matt, satin or gloss finish, ideal for any interior design. These top coats are great for areas that experience high foot traffic or light vehicle traffic. They do not require a lot of maintenance or deep cleaning.

Concrete sealing is great for Jacksonville residential garage floors, commercial floors such as coffee shops, retail shops, grocery stores, lobbies, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars or for industrial facilities such as warehouses, loading docks, bin rooms, manufacturing facilieites and more.

Concrete Sealing Benefits

If you do not have the budget for polished concrete, concrete sealing is the simplest way to maintain the raw appearance of your concrete flooring. They are perfect for commercial, residential, or industrial sites in Jacksonville, Florida and have several perks.

Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville Hardwearing


By shielding it against liquids, damage, cracks, chipping, and joint corrosion, our concrete sealers are designed to improve concrete floors.
Additionally, sealed concrete floors can withstand tire and heavy machinery scuffing.

Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville Budget Friendly

Eliminate Concrete Dust

You will start to see fine concrete dust laying about the floor as your unsealed concrete floors begin to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear. This dust may harm the health of people, precious products, and equipment. By removing the dusty top layer of the concrete, sealing it, and stopping further damage, concrete sealing eliminates this.

Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean

Because sealed concrete has a smooth surface, it won't collect dust, filth, or allergens, making it simple to clean with a damp mop or floor scrubber on occasion.

Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville Light Reflective


Basements, foyers, entryways, and garages are most frequently found with unsealed concrete floors. All these places have in common is the constant access to water.
Fortunately, our concrete sealers are waterproof and can stop future water damage to your concrete floors. Water can damage concrete and create corrosion.

Concrete Sealing In Jacksonville Fl

Concrete Sealing Installation Jacksonville

At Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville, we offer two types of concrete sealing depending on the age and state of your concrete.

For newly poured concrete slabs, that do not have any stains or coatings applied to them, we start by deep cleaning the slab, to remove any dirt and grime.

For old concrete floors or floors that have any type of coating of flooring applied to them, we start by mechanically grinding the top layered of the floor. This is to remove any traces of floor glues, oils, paint, stains or dirt. This also helps to achieve the correct profile for the sealer to penetrate into the floor.

Once the concrete is cleaned, we move onto repairing any cracks, holes or imperfections on the floor. This is an important step, to preserve the structural integrity of the floor.

Once the floor is repaired, we move onto applying the clear UV staple polyaspartic topcoat in matt, satin or gloss finish.

The topcoat will protect the floor from future damage, while giving it a modern industrial/rustic finish.

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We install epoxy flooring and polish concrete floors all over Jacksonville, Florida. Our floors are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use.

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