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Floor Tile Removal Jacksonville

Are you tired of ceramic tile floors? Do you want to renovate your Jacksonville property, but you are dreading the tile removal process?

When done the old fashioned way your old ceramic tile floor creates and scatters fine dust around your property. During the process there is almost one pound of dust per square foot.

At Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville, we have you covered with our speedy dust free tile removal Jacksonville service. We have special tile removal machines, that can collects the dust (even the tiniest ones) during the tile removal process, rather than letting it linger in the air.

With our tile removal Jacksonville service you receive a speedy, dust free service that leaves your concrete slab ready for the installation of your new chosen flooring.

Tile Removal In Jacksonville FL
Carpet Removal In Jacksonville FL

Carpet Removal Jacksonville

Are you thinking of saying goodbye to your old carpets? Are you wondering whether you can do it yourself?
Removing your carpet might sound like an easy job, but in reality it is back breaking and labor intensive work.

To successfully remove your old carpet you will need the room to be completely empty, the carpet cut, rolled into bundles and tied then hauled away. Not to mention that not every carpet can be thrown away in the general trash.

At Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville, we specialize in the quick and efficient removal of both residential and commercial carpets and vinyl flooring.

When we handle your carpet removal, we take care to ensure that your furniture are protected and your floor is left ready for the installation of new flooring.

Concrete Grinding Jacksonville

Did you know that most types of flooring require a clean and smooth concrete floor to ensure durability and longevity?

At Epoxy Floors of Jacksonville, we offer mechanical concrete grinding to remove all dirt, grime, stains, old paint, oils or concrete overlays and get your concrete ready for the chosen floor finish.

As concrete differs in texture, composition and hardness, we use a mixture of different grinding heads to achieve the right concrete profile.

Our concrete grinding Jacksonville process is quick, efficient and dust free and ideal for any small and large commercial, industrial and residential project.

Concrete Grinding In Jacksonville Florida
Concrete Glue Removal In Jacksonville FL

Floor Glue Removal Jacksonville

Was your old flooring glued down to your concrete slab? Did it glue marks on your floor once it was removed? Old glue can prevent epoxy floors or other types of flooring from bonding with the slab. To ensure the longevity and durability of your new flooring, is important to remove any traces of old floor glues.

With our top-of-the line machines we are able to remove any glue left over from hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, stone flooring or carpeting.

With special glue removal disks on our concrete grinders we can remove any sticky glue in no time, leaving a clean, smooth and dust free concrete floor ready for your new floor covering.

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We install epoxy flooring and polish concrete floors all over Jacksonville, Florida. Our floors are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial use.

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